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OPTIONS UNLIMITED offers a choice different wood species that can be used balconies, patios, screens, Facades, pergolas, open areas in gardens etc. Different wood species are:

American Walnut - The Colors of Earth

American Walnut - The Colors of Earth

American Walnut tree is a wood species, characterized by significant color diversity. Its color may vary from grayish black, through a palette of intense brown hues, up to light beige. Walnut timber creates unique and individual floors, which highlight the beauty of both, rustic and modern interiors.

Burma Teak - The Shades of Gold

Burma Teak - The Shades of Gold

Gold never goes out of fashion.Same stands true for Burma Teak. Investing in Burma Teak floor is like investing in gold. We cannot describe in words the beauty and depth of this wood. To see it with your eyes and to touch feel it with your hands and bare feet is the best way to know about this specie.

European Natural Oak

European Natural Oak - Everlasting Classics

Oak - stable, unchanging, lasting. A wood solid enough to be suitable for most intensively used environments. Oak has been used as a building material for thousands of years. You may trust your own intuition, but you must not forget the tradition and experience of...


Merbau - The aroma of cardamom

Merbau is a medium brown wood with red/orange highlights and coarse graining. It grows in Malaysia and Indonesia. Merbau comes in a range of colors including light, medium and dark browns. Many woods have a golden yellow dust in the pores that appears as 'Gold Flecking' when finished. Merbau undergoes a medium to large degree of color change. The color when freshly milled darkens over time to a deep orange/brown.

Thermo Oak Dark

Thermo Oak Dark - The Exotic Mix

The strong flavor of bittersweet chocolate stimulates our taste buds. The stately smoked dark floor, deeply saturated with deep browns, highlighted with soft reflexes of light, brings out the beauty of smallest shapes and details. Smoked wood possesses a composition of qualities that excite us and creates new trends in interior decoration.

Thermo Oak Light

Thermo Oak Light - Partner for life

Oak is perhaps the most popular wood for floors and furniture. Beautiful, dignified and hard, oak has the ideal qualities for flooring material. Because of its long life and many possibilities, oak is usually one of the materials considered when choosing a wooden floor. Oak offers a variety of temperaments depending of which part of the tree is used and how the floor is made.

Residence and commercial place are always been a thing that people tends to show off and want others to be envy of. For this there should be something that can instantly grab attention of the onlookers, a highlight that automatically make people to say, wow! Wooden flooring and outdoor woods are such ground breaking outlines that come with gamut of styling options according to your taste and budget. And when it comes to wooden flooring, there is no match of engineered wooden flooring. An Engineered wood floor to a large extent boost the eye-value of your home and it just not only limited to that! Some of the prominent features of engineered flooring include enduring, long lasting quality and array of designing options for customers.

You must be amazed to know that wooden flooring has positive effect on your health as well. Even doctors preferred wooden flooring over other flooring options. Engineered floors are probably the healthiest floors possible with lesser harbor for allergens, molds and other particles that cause allergies especially in children. What more you want! Engineered floors bestow you durability generally up to 30 to 100 years with liberty to install them on any grade level. Owing to its solid finishing of its top layer, our products diminish the susceptible of scratching from heavy traffic or pet nails to a root level. On the top of it, the appearance of engineered wood flooring improves with time. All thanks to its solid finished top layer!

We being the prominent suppliers of Engineered Wood Flooring in Delhi gladly tempt customers to have a look on our all-embracing range of engineered wood flooring. It is the result of our extensive research and development that has enabled us to tackle all the problems of wood expansion and shrinkage. To reinsure the quality of our products we use a special type of waterproof glue between each layer which makes our products to match the benchmark of international quality standards. Furthermore, the entire range of our oak engineered wood flooring that includes various international, highly appreciated classic brands such as European Natural Oak, Thermo Oak Dark, Thermo Oak Light, Merbau, American Walnut and others are available with us. We have introduced unique features of high dimensional stability along with contraction capacity to cope with varying moisture levels as well as climates.

As far as installation point is concerned engineered floors are the best in comparison to all other building material available in the market with incredibly trouble-free and high-speed installation features. And, holding the leading position in Engineered Flooring in Delhi region we ensure that our valued customers should get hassle free and easy installing in minimum possible of time. To your notice, at the time of installation wood is installed with the help of glue. On a general note, it is pre-finished with beveled edges that provide an enhanced wood stability. It is the most recommended feature of modern type of flooring. We decorate homes with our exclusive technique of implying glue and fasteners to confirm efficacy. This not only helps in making our product more presentable and effective but contributes to make them almost maintenance free.

Apart from universal use, dimensional stability, maintenance free, long lasting services, engineered flooring gives you an enticing break for having patented installation systems. On behalf of our experience, research and long term reliable services to the customers, we assure you to facilitate you top notch services with which you will not face any problem in future for the replacement of boards. Our comprehensive assortment of engineered wood stratum flooring has delivered us an alcove from the contemporaries. What's more, all this has helped us to become the foremost engineered wood flooring suppliers from India preferred by our valued customers from across the country. So, why to wait? Just provide an opportunity to serve you with our alluring range of engineered flooring!